Wes Tillett (Psalm 2)

A westering sun shining on the east
Where pow’r-mongering clouds strip the dust of peace
And we ride
We ramble on down the road

The chiefs and marshals strike a slippery deal
They talk their treaties with their knives concealed
And we ride
We ramble on down this narrow road

All the while the nations rage the sun is flinch-less
All the while the storm is brewed the light is fence-less
The truth, the truth, the truth advances
Undo, undo, undo this madness

The blistering heat breathing down their backs
Yet some may still yield to the sun at last
Yeah, we ride
We ramble on down the road

The promised morning is our hope and weight
To every, nation, tribe and tongue we race
Now we go
We ramble on down this homeward road

Laughter is so bittersweet
To everyone here I make my plea:
I’ve made my Son the only road secure
Be swift, be bold, be wise, be sure

malachi jaggers—lead guitars
eric weiss–bass
mark mckowen—drums, timbales
mick cory—bass vocals
scott greeson—background vocals
wes tillett—vocals, percussion, rhythm guitar

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