Where I’m At

Where I’m At
Wes Tillett (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
“God never wastes His children’s pain.” -Amy Carmichael

This is where I’m at for now
And each day I come to rediscover
This is not such a bad place to be

All of my longing backward and my looking forward
Have often robbed me
Of my present, blessed reality

If you’ve ever stood within the sunlight, you’ve noticed
That the sun never ceases to warm the air
If you’ve ever had true faith in God’s hand, you’ve noticed
That He never wastes your moments, your pain, nor your prayers

I get so caught up in the destination
That I fail to see that
The journey’s just as much the end

All of this tight-focused concentration on my success
Has kept me
From being free to smile and bend

God never wastes a moment, a pain, nor a prayer.

malachi jaggers—guitars
stan wallace—drums
wes tillett—vocals

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