First Grey Streaks

First Grey Streaks
Wes Tillett (Malachi 4:2)

Stuck within this maze
Pushin’ through without a concrete clue where to turn
I’m gettin’ red in the face
Slightly embarrassed still I swear it’s just sunburn, sunburn
And the clouds pass over the night
And the moon doesn’t yield enough light

I tell my soul to wait
This restlessness has got the best of me
I’m yearnin’ for the daylight
But songbirds have yet to stir a wing, a wing
And it’s humbling standing still
And the maze has conquered my will

Waiting for the sun of righteousness
In the dark it’s hard to sing
My hope is in the first grey streaks of dawn
And the healing within its wings

My eyes are on the horizon
My Savior raising a blazing sword of light.
Reality is arisin’
I stop straining and claim my Master’s kind of light
And the birds begin their melodies
And I exhale a sigh of belief

This maze is still my place
I’m no longer groping for lights to turn
True light speckles my face
My Lord is now both my bow and stern, bow and stern
And the dawn is building brighter
And the night isn’t much of a fighter

Waiting for the sun of righteousness
The darkness starts to flee
My hope has caught the first grey streaks of dawn
And is healed by His wings

malachi jaggers—mandolin, guitars, percussion, background vocals
mark mckowen—drums
wes tillett-vocals, djembe

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