Life to Life

Life To Life
Wes Tillett (Colossians 1:15-20)

The red is more fully red in you
The blue is more truly blue
Something lies there, innate in every hue
Christ-less eyes can never construe ….there

The summer night is more prone to fit in you
The morning light is more truly new
The little stream is more like a stream in you
The dew is more like the dew

Lord Jesus, You bring my life to life
Your word is my constant light
All meaning, all beauty wing to flight
In you, Lord, my source of life

The gentle turning of wiser lips than mine
The smattered warnings of broken lives
The written pages of wiser men than I
The steady nudging of God inside

I’m in the forest in late October
The harvest scent in my breath
The forest floor is a billion colors
The leaves dance down to their rest
And I run–arms outstretched
And I shout–heart unfurled
For my life is now free
Oh, my life is now full

Your presence brings life to life

mark mckowen—drums, piano
bryan russel—bass, strings
malachi jaggers—guitars
scott greeson—harmony vocals
wes tillett—vocals, piano, percussion

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  • Mary Says:

    I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music and lyrics in this album. It’s inspired the most worshipful dancing (mentally, spiritually and physically) I’ve experienced in a while. Thank you.

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