Think Beyond

Wes Tillett’s debut album. 2005. Listen to the songs here. Just click on the name of the song below and you will download the song in mp3 format. Wes’s pick? Song 11–“Think Beyond”

  1. life to life
  2. be not martha
  3. first grey streaks
  4. gettin older
  5. come what may
  6. justice
  7. grateful
  8. where i’m at
  9. flinchless
  10. materialism
  11. think beyond

14 Responses to “Think Beyond”

  • Dee Brookshire Says:

    Congratulations my boy. This is great! I sent it on to Michael and Anna. Keep living life to the fullest and play on!

    I love you!

  • Tom and Christine Jarrett Says:

    We are inspired by your genuine love for our Lord and your expression of that love through your music. Thank you for being vulnerable and letting the light of Christ radiate from you. We do serve an awesome God! May the Lord continue to put His words on your heart as He reveals Himself to you.

  • Mark T Says:

    Maybe I’m biased, but I always knew that boy had talent!!!

  • Nadya Vyshegorodtseva Says:

    I can say that your music was heard in one of the Russian homes for sure! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us. And may God bless you and your family!

  • bensutter Says:

    Wes is tha man

  • Jacob Dombroski Says:

    Wes, You are a blessing to everyone who hears your music. I am proud of you my friend. God has given you this gift and seeing you give it to others is a testimony to Him and your love for Him. ‘Think Beyond’ is amazing! Well done fatihful servant.

  • Dad T Says:

    What a blessing you are to me and to many! PTL for the love, grace, prayers, talents and hard work you, Rita and your friends have given to create this awesome album! This Think Beyond album is creatively worshipful to me. The lyrics speak love and truth as a humble worshipping servant, and each song’s unique, energetic arrangement adds to that praise or reflection. I find myself looking forward to specific elements in each song as I sing along. It is actually fun to listen to this album!
    Brother Wes, this is a great work for our Lord Jesus! Thanks for all you are doing to His glory!
    Love ya,
    Dad T

  • Larry Karow Says:

    Thanks, Wes, for sharing. Where do we get copyright permission to use in worship?

  • wesT Says:

    Larry, about the copyright info and use in worship:

    I don’t know all the copyright laws. I have copyrighted everything in my name: “Wes Tillett.” But don’t worry about that too much. Please use this in worship in whatever way you can! I’d be honored for you to use it, and it’d be an answer to several of my prayers for this whole project.

  • Mace and Cookie Gawthrop Says:

    We love your music, it is so inspirational and deep-rooted. Our favorite track is “Gettin older!” We will pass on your words of praise and wish you the best.

  • David Tillett Says:

    Wes your cd rocks! Especially “song number 6” GET IT?

  • Laura O Says:

    Wes, Thank you for the Cd, it is wonderful, when you asked me what tracks I enjoyed….number 1 is my answer!

  • Scott Rolando Says:


    Your CD sounds awesome man. I was looking around the internet here tonight and I found it online. Very good stuff man. It is great to see that you are doing so good. Drop me a line sometime and we should talk.


  • Mark McKowen Says:

    Hey Wes!

    Great to see/hear all of the good work. Keep it up bro!

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