Wes Tillett

White light on the Christmas tree
Wide-eyed you declare to me,
“That is the finest tree that I have ever seen.”

Soft light, we are cheek to cheek
Dancin’ to a Christmas theme
You can’t stop smilin’ ‘bout the awkwardness of me

Later that night I lied awake there thinkin’
And listened to the sound of your there sleepin’
It seemed surreal to be with you that night

Up on my knees so I could kiss your forehead
My soul afloat as though I was transported
I offered up this song of thanks to you my God
I sang

Gloria, gloria, gloria, gloria

I bet it hadn’t been a full three seconds
Before we flipped it and we both went head first
We were laughin’ so hard we could hardly get back in the canoe

Paddled hard and went to rescue our sandwiches
Floated down until we hit the sand beaches
I watched the sun dry all the water off of you

Watched a heron fishin’ there in the shallows
Saw a turtle divin’ into the shadows
This whole wide world takes on a sheen when shared with you

Reminisced ‘bout growin’ up in the eighties
Joked around ‘bout what we’d name our babies
A sense of timelessness pervades my times with you
We sang

Gloria, gloria, gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria, gloria, gloria

Sometimes at night I lie awake there thinkin’
About the fact that I’m alive and breathin’
I just feels surreal to be alive sometimes

And in those moments I will lift my hands up
And with a tightened throat and eyes all welled up
I whisper up my gratitude to you, my God
I sing

Gloria, gloria, gloria, gloria

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