Like Water

Wes Tillett

Down on the prairie land fields dwells the family that heals my heart
There beneath the flickering dusk gather the gold-hearted ones my heart has loved
My heart has loved

Down by the Tippecanoe, by the old Hanging Grove School they play their songs
With pleasant voices that lift over the campfires and drift to stars through pine
To stars through pine

And I drink their love like water
I sip their love, sip their love like wine

She bears the fair northern lights in the gleam of her eyes—afire
She sets the table and waits, inviting me to her feast to dine a king
To dine a king

And I drink her love like water
I sip her love, sip her love like wine

Down in my soul beats this sound like a swell of the ground—a marching sound
You shoot your cadence of light to lead your radiant stripes of glorious sight
You are a glorious sight

And I drink your love like water
I sip your love, I sip your love like wine

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